7 Day Food Journal Challenge

No more diets. No more calorie counting. YouFood takes the world's most proven weight loss method - keeping a food journal - and supercharges it with social accountability. Transform your life in just 7 days. It's fun, it really works, and it's free. LOG EVERYTHING, IN SECONDSJust take a photo. No stress, no calorie counting anxiety, and no analyzing ingredients while your food gets cold. Log food, exercise, and drinks in photos. Track water with a few quick taps. LITERALLY SEE YOUR HABITS COME TO LIFEThe best food diary is a visual food diary. Nothing is more powerful than seeing a day in photos. You instantly recognize what you did well and what needs improvement. Your calorie counting days are over. Your having fun with healthy eating days have arrived. GET AMAZING SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITYThe #1 tip to diet success and eating better is "don't go it alone. " Medical studies show you lose twice as much weight when you share your food journal with at least two other people. Not only is YouFood the friendliest community you'll ever experience (truly.), we go a step further by recommending people who share your tastes and goals. DISCOVER NEW HEALTHY MEAL IDEAS, EVERY DAYYouFooders have posted 8 million homemade food photos to the app, and we show you the best ones every day. Healthy breakfasts, low budget dinners, paleo snacks, vegan recipes, you name it. If you love a post and it doesn't have a recipe, just ask - you'll almost always get a recipe in return. THE BEST PRIVACY CONTROLSWe recommend posting everything publicly - you'll quickly see that YouFood is all about support, with zero shame - but in the case you want to make something private, you can. Posts can be private, and so can daily journal entries. YouFood (forrmerly called TwoGrand) is completely free. No matter your goal - weight loss, eating clean, find healthy meal ideas, keep a photo food journal, go vegan or paleo, or just eat healthy - YouFood can help you achieve it. Let's eat better, together. Alternate search terms: Two Grand, You Food.
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