Throughout the centuries, we have used our knowledge about the different elements and about colors to make our lives better. If you take a look back you'll see that people throughout history learned to use the proper color schemes for their clothing, jewelry and shelter. The ancients taught us that those who learn to control the powers of nature and put them to use will be happy and successful in life. This application Nail Colors by Aur helps you pick suitable color for your work, your love life, your family support or even your wealth. Features;o Select from 10 Categories such as your wealth, your spouse, your health, your supporter, etc. o Single Nail Color mode or Multi Nail Colors modeo Capture your nail colors to your photo library for easy accesso Monthly notificationBangkok-based Aur consults, lectures and presents on a style of Feng Shui unique to herself and an ancient personality profiling system, based on the classical elements, called Taksa. In short: she 'reads' people and houses, helping individuals through personal or business challenges by giving them the tools using their natural surroundings and connection to nature. Aur has hosted various television shows which at their peak attracted millions of Thai viewers and received over thousand letters a day from viewers asking her for advice and guidance.
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