SURA Daily Affirmations

Start your days with positive and inspiring affirmations. Affirmations, when used in the right way and over a sustained period of time can bring lasting changes to your life. This app helps you with a positive affirmation for each day of your life. This is the free version of the SURA Daily Affirmations app. Please consider buying the SURA Daily Affirmations Pro app from the Play Store to remove ads, get more affirmations, new features, better performance, and support the SURA Academy. Extra features in the pro version: No ads- More affirmations- Ability to add your own affirmations- Not limited to a single affirmation per day (per category) - Shake to view new affirmations (for phones that support shake gestures) - Faster performanceThis app is for you to encourage and motivate yourself with early morning positive thoughts. As we all know, a single positive thought can move a mountain. If everyone could understand the power of thoughts and manifestation, then it would be so easy to make progress in our lives. Thoughts represent our willingness to achieve positive results. They have the power to make us strong or break us down. This is why we need to choose our thoughts very carefully and persist with them.
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