Self Hypnosis Own Voice

Ever wished you had an app that create affirmations with your own voice? Introducing MOMKEY, the latest way to create extremely effectice affirmations. By downloading this app, you'll never have to think about if your affirmations really reach your personal goals. How nice would that be? We spent hundreds of hours perfecting every part of this project in order to bring you the best quality possible we're passionate users as well. But don't just take our word for it: "Awesome"i use momkey at work or even in my freetime to relax and to programming myself. "Very useful"Never had a better app for affirmations. I can record my own voice and know exactly what what penetrates into my subconscious. recommendedOnce you download, you'll be able to: Record your desires and goals with your own voice- Listen to your own affirmations without annoying background music. Name your Sound recordings for different goals- Play your affirmations in loop as long as you want. Easy to use. Play the affirmations even your smartphone is in your pocket. Please stay in touch so that you receive all updates directly to your device. We'd love to hear from you. Thank you for downloading MOMKEY.
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