Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS

Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS is a name-drawing app that makes it easy to create and manage annual gifting events like "Secret Santa. " It can maintain data for up to 10 different yearly occasions, each up to 100 participants. Drawings are completely randomized and allow a number of options for excluding undesirable pairings. Once a satisfactory list is drawn, personalized emails can be automatically sent to all participants. Drawing histories are saved for each occasion, making it easy to view pairing histories for any year or any participant. For a free demo, download Who Buys 4 Whom Free (limited to 1 yearly occasion and 5 participants). Here are the main features of Who Buys 4 Whom PLUS: Can use existing data from Who Buys 4 Whom Free. Integrated HELP system explains every item on every screen for a quick learning curve. Intuitive user-interface. Supports OPEN, SECRET, and BLIND drawings (OPEN reveals all pairings to all participants; SECRET reveals only the participant's buys-for name; BLIND hides all pairings from everyone, including you.). Drawing exclusion options include last year's pairings, family members, and other participants in the same no-buy groups; alerts can be issued if buys-for and receives-from names are the same. Template-customized emails of drawing results automatically sent to all participants; successful emails logged. Test mode for emails allows review of a received email before sending to the entire participant list. Historical pairings, by year or participant, can be easily viewed and shared. Significant events (e. g. drawings, re-drawings, emailings, re-emailings) are logged and easily viewableNOTE: Auto-emailing requires that you (but not recipients) have a G-mail account (free, secure, and easy to set up).
Operating System Android