Various types of horoscopes, all kinds of dream books, numerology and tests. All this is wrapped in a unique architectural design and daily updated. All the signs of the Zodiac, including Chinese- Quick responsiveness of the interface- Added daily tests- The most popular numerology- Dream Book with more than 30, 000 interpretationsMega Horoscope is a great application that will never leave indifferent those who take interest in horoscopes, Zodiac signs, numerology and tarot. One of the main advantages of this application is not only the above-mentioned versatility, but also an opportunity to contact specialist face-to-face. Real experts of Mega Horoscope, not a computer algorithm, will help you look into such issues as Zodiac signs compatibility, oneiromancy, meanings of dates, etc. Besides you can always check out your horoscopes for the next few days. They will be cast by specialists and have a great degree of probability. The application includes a great number of tarot readings. Mega Horoscope offers tests on different topics including human personality, features and relationship with family and the loved ones, which will definitely catch the interest of users keen on getting answers by taking tests. Mega Horoscope is a perfect choice to spend your time and entertain yourself.
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