It is an application to shoot the video in anaglyph red and blue. You can enjoy 3D video by using the 3D glasses of red and blue. Easy to take a three-dimensional moving image, it does not have any editing after shooting. simple operationAdjust the width of the red-blue anaglyphAutomatic roll ON / OFFvMovie shootingOperation will only above. Depending on the distance and angle between the subject of the movie shooting, it will vary the degree that looks three-dimensional, Please adjust the width of the anaglyph while viewing the screen in the 3D glasses of red and blue. The width of the anaglyph about the position of the subject and the camera is far better to widely especially tend to be seen in three dimensions. Automatic roll will be able to effectively shoot a movie that looks three-dimensional in the case of photographing the subject stationary. Others- For a long time continue to see a 3D image, please note that there is a possibility that put a strain on the eyes. Brightness and of the room, background color, depending on the lens color of red and blue 3D glasses may not appear in three dimensions. The viewing of the captured three-dimensional moving image will require 3D glasses of red and blue. After recording motion pictures in there is a case where a large ad comes out. Captured 3D video files are saved in a folder called (3D Video) in the SD card. If you are using. Android6. 0 or more of the terminal, In order to become available you must allow the authority of this app in the setting of the terminal. Settings >> Apps >> 3D Video Camera >> Permission.
Operating System Android