Bright Sky is a free to download mobile tool designed to be used by those experiencing domestic abuse or those concerned about someone they know. It may also be used in educational settings for those wishing to learn more about the warning signs, effects of and statistics surrounding domestic abuse. The questionnaires within the app are designed to give users an indication of the likelihood that they are in an abusive relationship. However, this should not be taken as the only indication of the health of any relationship. It is likely that if you are taking the 'Am I at Risk? ' questionnaire, you have identified some aspects of your relationship which indicate you may be being abused. If you are unsure, we always advise you to contact your nearest advocacy service, which can be found using the Bright Sky app. Additionally, if you are taking the 'Family or Friend at Risk? ' questionnaire, it is important to note that the result is not definitive and if you have any concern that your friend or family member is at risk, we recommend offering them support. You can find advice on this in the 'How Can I Help? ' section of the app. Please note: If you ever feel in immediate danger, contact 999 immediately. For your safety, we advise you to only download the app onto a device which you feel safe using and which only you have access to. Only take the questionnaires in a private place, preferably on your own so that nobody is able to influence the outcome. Before using the app's Journal feature, make sure that you have an email address which is secure and that nobody else has access to. If you need to, you can make a new one. Using the Contact tool: For confidentiality purposes, the addresses given in the app's advocate directory are those of the local authority, not the advocate organisations themselves. You are able to contact advocates via telephone.
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