Adhan prayer times

Download Azan Ringtones and enjoy the most Beautiful Azan by the best Muadins in the Islamic Awesome application that contains the most beautiful voices in the world of muezzinDownload the azan ringtone mp3 or athan ringtone and listen or make it your ringtone without need of an Internet connectionAll the sounds of adan can be add as Alarm or Ringtones by a simple way: press and hold the name of the ethan and then a window will show up with all options. Sound that does not cut off over the past 24 hours on the globe, the voice of Azan, the call to prayer, the application contains the Adhan on the most beautiful voices of singersyou can set any azan as a ringtone and alarm tonefilter the azan that you love, to only view your favorite athan. Notifications Adhan ringtone: Select the prayers for which you want to be notified. Wake up to the sound of the alarm before Fajr. Make any sound as ringtones by just pressing it- Set as Alarm- Set as Notification or SMSThose sound are very populare in Ramadan, l'Aid al Adha, Aid al Fitr. Arabe Contries: saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Mauritania, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Djibouti, Comoros. Adhan prayer timesazan time muslim prayer islamic prayer times muslim prayer times islamic prayer salat times athan times salah times prayer timings iftar time today prayer timetable fajr prayer time maghrib prayer time asr prayer time solat time azan timings salat timings salaah times islamic prayer schedule time for prayer salat prayer times.
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