Binaural Beats App

The Binaural Beats App by brand leader Ennora helps you manifest all the benefits of deep meditation at the touch of a button. Access these powerful binaural beats meditations anywhere, anytime from your phone or tablet. Whether you want to super-charge your focus, instantly relieve stress and relax, or cultivate deep spiritual awareness, simply select the meditation music you want, put your headphones on and press play. 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE ENNORA BINAURAL BEATS1) Free, high quality meditation music produced by brainwave entrainment professionals. 2) Super-fast downloads on 3/4G & WIFI. 3) Unlimited access to 10 minutes of every track. 4) New music uploaded on a regular basis. 5) No annoying ads. WHAT OTHER USERS ARE SAYING"Fantastic. This is one of the best binaural beats apps. This makes me feel good". "Very soothing and helps you have control over your mind. "It works perfectly and definitely helps you relax after a stressful day. "Beautiful. This is by far the best medication App I've ever used. "Download the Ennora Binaural Beats App and listen your way to peak performance and optimum health and wellbeing now. FURTHER READING: You can find out more about how binaural beats work at the following pages: On our website: http://www.ennora.com/about-binaural-beats/On Wikipedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Binaural_beats. BINAURAL BEATS STUDIES- Efficacy of Theta Binaural Beats for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: http://www.ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/26773319- Attentional Focusing Through Binaural Beats: http://www.ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/26612201- Studying Binaural Beats to Enhance Long-Term Memory: http://www.ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/26410513- Use of Binaural Beats for Treatment of Anxiety: http://www.ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/11191043 SOCIAL MEDIAJoin our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ennora-162980090449776/Read our blog: http://www.ennora.com/blog/Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ennora1MEDICAL DISCLAIMERThe following people should not use Ennora binaural beats app: Children under the age of 16- Pregnant women- Those with a history of seizures or epilepsy- Those with pacemakers- Those suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders- Those taking psychoactive drugs or tranquilizers.
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