Go Yellow Battery Controller

Go Yellow battery saver for battery storage for phones monitoring application that monitor what's draining your mobile phone battery life, Go Yellow battery saving launcher is free application for android phone. Some time mobile phone is running unused applications that waste of mobile battery life and decrease battery percentage fast, so this is a the best battery application. Because the manage all power of application, another words we can say to battery energy storage jobs application, the perform and control screen brightness and light and battery storage app, battery storage applications it takes a monitor all the apps that are waste your battery life so you can easily identify which application are causing the problem of draining the battery life. And then battery storage calculator take steps to make that application stop such a waste your battery life. The battery storage for phones application will display to you details on wake locks screen, CPU and sensor usage battery charger life. Go Yellow Battery saver is working as a second battery like because the charge our mobile fast and safely and also tell you that mobile is charging from usb port or from charger it is a best function of Go yellow battery saver application and half solutions for draining battery. It is very difficult to find free application like Go Yellow Battery saver android application, the battery saver application truly saves you battery life.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None