DIY Makeup Contouring Tutorial

Nowadays, it has become even more important to master the art of contouring makeup. This can be done successfully with the proper makeup brushes that allow you to bring out the hollows of your face, and at the same time enhance your chin area and cheekbone features. Learning the way an expert beautician does this process can be relatively simple, and enjoyable. This DIY makeup contouring app will give you step by step tutorials of how to contour your face and create the illusion of excellence. For the rest of us, makeup contouring is often seen as only existing successfully on the stage or at a professional photo shoot. This is certainly not the case. When done correctly, contouring smart way for making your face look slimmer and your features more defined and glowing. It's all about creating contrast by highlighting and contouring. You want to highlight with a light shade the parts of your face that you want to bring out, and use deeper color on the areas that you want to reduce. Face contouring makeup has stopped being a hard procedure that you have to refer to specialists to get, at least on an everyday basis, as we present to you today simple makeup ideas & tips for contouring that will make it easier for you. Step 1: Start with a clean face. You can do this by applying a mild cleanser or a skin toner, and then, evenly spreading a light lotion. After that, perfectly spread your primer to bring about a smooth facial canvas which helps your makeup to last much more time. If there are blemishes you want to hide, it is now a chance to use a cover-up. Do this carefully with a little base or cover-up sweep, mixing the sides very carefully. Step 2: Apply your foundation. Makeup foundation may be in cream, stick, fluid, mousse, or powder form, and choosing the proper makeup brush will go a long way to help you accomplish a much less complicated and smoother application depending upon which type of foundation you choose. This is a crucial component of shaping as you want to ensure that you get just the best overall tone. For example, If you are using a liquid base, you may wish for making use of a fanlike, level brush with a diagonal side. By using this type of brush, you will discover that it will help you to look at the liquid foundation more equally. Some professional make-up artists prefer to use a blush brush or a standard paddle-shaped brush to spread out the fluid foundation. After using a streak of foundation, they will move the brush gently in a round circular motion because they feel it can make a soft airbrushed look. Step 3: The Main Phase of Contouring. Shortly after your foundation is spread out all through your face, it is time to get down to the main part of your contouring application phase. Keep in mind that contouring makeup generally consists of using a lighter tone on angles you intend to emphasize and darker tones on angles you intend to press back or downplay. I find that the best way to accomplish this is to use a color three shades lighter compared to your own skin for highlighting, and a color three shades darker for the areas you wish to actually contour. Step 4: Finishing Up. Apply your lighter tone in a triangular shape under your eyes, in a straight line on the bridge of your nose, and in a little circle at the center of your chin. Some cosmetics performers like the pointed look of a sharp impact sweep because this is best suited for featuring. Then, after you've done that you can blend these segments with each other by using a wet sponge or cloth. That's all there really is to it. Hopefully this DIY makeup contouring tutorials has served your makeup contouring needs.
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