Full version of our "WiFi Baby Monitor" app. Connect two devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, ) to a modern baby monitor through your local WiFi network. Unique features of this full version: Pictures and Video. Control camera LED from parents device. Talkback: Talk with your baby. End-to-end encryption: Encrypt all audio and video data with a custom password. Supports Android 2. 2 (free version requires Android 2. 3 or newer). ad-free How it works: 1. ) Install the app and start it as baby device on your first phone or tablet2. ) Install the app on your second phone or tablet and connect it as parents device by entering the IP shown on the baby device3. ) Done. Desktop version of the app (Windows / Mac) : Download at: http://www.babyphonemobile.com/ Try before you buy: Download the free version of our "WiFi Baby Monitor" app to make sure that you can connect your devices as expected. Furthermore, you can use the free trial mode in our "BabyPhone Mobile" app to test the additional features available in this full version. The following features are available in both, the full and free version of the app: Audio transmission on noise detection. Connect through WiFi network. Show battery charge level of baby device and warn on low battery. Alarm on connectivity issues. Support for temperature and humidity sensors (see our homepage for details). Low data consumption. Alternatively connect through Wi-Fi Direct (supported hardware required) Questions or Problems? For further support, please check our FAQ: http://www.babyphonemobile.com/eng/faq or contact us: info@babyphonemobile.com (Note that our support team speaks only English and German) Do you need more range (3G/4G)? Then try our "BabyPhone Mobile" app to connect your devices through the internet using 3G, 4G, or WiFi. kw: baby monitor, baby alarm, surveillance, baby camera, pet camera.
Operating System Android