Love Days - Been Love (D-Day) application is helps to warm of your love, do love beautiful than everIt's great every time you open your phone screen to be able to see or call for his other half. With nice interface, Love Days feels happy for the two of you. D-Day CounterHow long have you been together? Manage and remember important anniversaries for you and your partner. Functionâ?º Count the days from the anniversary loveâ?º Statistics contact frequency of two people (Messages, Call) â?º Change the wallpaper, avatarsâ?º Set as the wallpaperâ?º Lock screen combines beautiful call other half quicklyâ?º Take a screenshot and share to your social networks quicklyâ?º Displays a list of anniversaries (every year, every 100 days) â?º Can add another anniversary if anyâ?º Shows the number of days remaining for each anniversaryâ?º Show on notification barâ?º Add 4x1 widget featuresâ?º Customize background image blur effects (blur) or notâ?º Synthesis lot of love beautiful wallpaperâ?º Save images to SD-card memoryGuide: â?º Tap the avatar when the lock screen to call immediately for the other halfâ?º Hold down the outside of the screen to find "utility" of Love Days to install outside screen widgetThe app is clean and does not contain viruses, malicious code. For more information, contact email: stool.
Operating System Android