Iyami African Ancestral Oracle

The ancestral wisdom of Africa runs far and deep passed mostly orally until recently. As a living tradition, oracles were created to effect dialog with the ancestors and Ori (Divine self) to receive guidance for life. One such oracle is the Obi, which uses 4 cowrie shells. Popular use is often only 5 answers available to yes or no questions. It's full use, however can be expanded to 9 answers and ultimately 16. The 16 answers available can be aligned with the foundation for expanded oracles such as Dinlogun and Ifa used by initiated priests in the Ifa Orisha tradition as 16 Odu. Obi, as an ancestral oracle, is for everyone. This is the full version cowrie divination app that includes: 16 Major Odu - Ogbe, Oyeku, Iwori, Odi (Idi), Irosun, Owonrin, Obara, Okanran, Ogunda, Osa, Ika, Oturopon, Otura, Irete, Ose, Ofun. Description & Keywords. Associated Orisha - description of each Orisha, Esu, Egungun, Ori, Oya, Orunmila, Osun, Ogun, Sango, Omolu Aye, Ibeji, Ochosi, Yemaya, and Obatala. Associated astrological sign. Challenges. and more. Great tool for learning the basic of the major Odu and divining with 4 cowries (Obi).
Operating System Android