REQUIRES EXTERNAL ANT+ TEMPERATURE SENSOR. The most accurate multi-purpose thermometer on the Google Play storeAmbiTemp is an elegant app to measure and record the ambient temperature by using the wireless ANT+ sensor like Garmin Tempe. It will give you insight into temperature trends during any outdoor activity like hiking, running, mountaineering, skiing, or even just spending time at the beach. Main features: Measure the ambient temperature with the Garmin Tempe sensor. Clean and elegant design. Support of Fahrenheit & Celsius degrees. Display of the low and high temperature over the last 24 hours. Ability to run in the background and reconnect to the sensor in a specified interval. Display of the current temperature in the status bar. Temperature data logging. Display of the logged temperature in a configurable chart. Audio and vibrate notifications. Export of the recorded temperature data to a CSV fileAdvantages of using AmbiTemp and ANT+ temperature sensors: Wireless operation means much more accurate results because heat from your device and your body will not affect the measurements. No cables required and there is no need to remove your phone from its case. Just attach your sensor to your bag, jacket, or shoe, as you begin your next adventure. Your ANT+ wireless sensor can work years on one small battery. And unlike Bluetooth, ANT+ technology allows your sensor to be paired to multiple devices at the same time. Hardware requirements: Garmin Tempe wireless temperature sensor, that you can buy here: http://amzn. to/1oiqURR. Your device must have built-in ANT+ hardware support. Check the list of such devices here: http://bit. ly/1h2fDTyOR. You can use an ANT+ USB stick and a USB OTG cable if your device has USB host capabilities. Please check AmbiTemp website for more information.
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