GBV2 Ghost Box, gives you the ability to instantly communicate with the paranormal side by using advanced EVP noise algorithm and converts sound patterns into words. GBV2 can be used on two different modes, Ghost box mode and EVP generator mode. GBV2 is an extremely effective and easy to use ghost box, to do that simply run the software with your preferred audio recording software/device, ask your questions, then end your session and listen to the recorded messages on playback. Headphones and audio editing recommended. As a Ghost Box, GBV2 generates multiple layers of random noise and scan different audio frequencies to enable the human ear to easily listen and understand words and sentences, spoken within lower or higher sound spectrum. GBV2 EVP Generator, uses highly advanced audio engines of audible and inaudible sound waves and automatically converts specific patterns into words that we can understand. There is a possibility that the some of the words are not accurate EVP. You must confirm the accuracy by asking different questions or using both the Ghost Box and EVP Generator at the same session. Now you can use both modes, Ghost Box & EVP Generator, at the same time. One software, one click and you can experience Class A EVP messages AND FULL CONVERSATIONS, in REAL TIME. The extremely simple and easy to use design was made to make sure that anyone can achieve the same effective results, no special settings or complicated parameters needed. One click and your session will start immediately. However, if you prefer, you can still experiment with your WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. GBV2 Ghost Box is not a toy. Please keep it away from children and people with critical or sensitive heart conditions. Due to the experimental nature of paranormal ITC research software, we can't guarantee the frequency or accuracy of your results. However, we 100% guarantee that if the spirits around you wish to communicate with you, the GBV2 Ghost Box And EVP Generator software will provide both sides with everything needed to establish successful communication. Remember that spirits - and humans. need time to understand any new device before they can use it effectively. Keep trying, testing and we GUARANTEE that you will achieve much better results than you expected. We use our software on daily basis for all our paranormal/ITC research sessions and we are only releasing it to the public because we know that it works. We support our work 100% and will keep updating and improving the software to make sure that you always get best results. If you need any help or assistance, please contact us anytime.
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