Welcome to the new generation of Ghost box technology and ITC research software for mobile devices. The PSV77 Spirit Box software. The PSV77 Spirit Box is highly advanced software, designed to communicate with the paranormal/spiritual world. Tested every day, every night, for months, with unbelievable results. Now you can have your own - 100% working - spirit box on your mobile. Use it anytime, anywhere, and receive instant messages from the other side. Check out our demo video. How it works? The PSV77 Spirit box works exactly like hardware radio sweep spirit box devices. If you are familiar with the PSB7, PSB11 and radio shack hacks, then you will LOVE the PSV77 spirit box. The only difference is that the PSV77 uses sound banks of recorded radio signals, mixed, reversed, and carefully edited to avoid all negative sides of using live radio stations or the usual pre-recorded sound banks. With the PSV77 Spirit Box, there is no radio interference, and no spiritual-related words or sentences, like death, spirits, ghosts, etc The scan speed is tested and designed to eliminate any possibility of Pareidolia. Plus, the software generates multiple layers of different audio/sound waves, including white noise, this can be used by spirits or paranormal entities to send direct EVP messages by charging specific sound waves with their own energy. The PSV77 Spirit Box can be used with or without external speakers or recorders. You can experience Class A EVP messages AND FULL CONVERSATIONS, words and complete sentences, in REAL TIME. The extremely simple and easy to use design was made to make sure that anyone can achieve the same effective results, no special settings or complicated parameters needed. One click and your session will start immediately. However, if you prefer, you can still experiment with your WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. Due to the experimental nature of paranormal ITC research software, we can't guarantee the frequency or accuracy of your results. However, we 100% guarantee that if the spirits around you wish to communicate with you, the PSV77 Spirit Box software will provide both sides with everything needed to establish successful communication. ((If you need any help or assistance or wish to contact us for any reason, please contact us by email, anytime. and we will do our best to reply asap) ) This software is a REAL spirit box. It works and it's not a toy. Please keep it away from children and people with critical or sensitive heart conditions.
Operating System Android