Modern Human Design Calendar

Modern Human Design Calendar combines the power of Human Design daily transit overlay report with personal schedule management, public holidays listing and social sharing. It makes the time work for you. It is beneficial to check the daily transit overlay report and see how external energy affecting you. As a practical reference, this allows you to choose which days to take action and which days to stay home. By combining with event, diary and public holiday features, you can use it on everyday life, such as pick dates for important events, develop new business plan, schedule meetings, and even stock trading. Features: Included full personal Human Design report with detail descriptions about types, authority, profile and every center, gate and channel involved. Included full daily transit overlay reports for every single day in the future with detail descriptions on every additional center, gate and channel. Add diary, create local events, read Google Calendar events. Display selected location public holidays (covered public holidays in nearly 200 countries). Add notes and share your daily transit overlay report onto FacebookNote: Calendar date display range from 1st January 2015 to two years away from current month. To access your full personal Human Design report: Profile -> View Chart. To access daily transit overlay reports: Calendar -> Pick a date -> Additional Energy Today -> Chart.
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