over 300 beautiful 3D custom iconsHD purple lizard theme is made for the discerning smartphone owner who demands quality, precision and a high class design style. HD purple lizard is a designer NEXT launcher theme with beautiful HD Wallpaper backgrounds for a quality makeover of your smartphone. Personalize your phone with finest 3D art design. 1. Make sure the Next Launcher 3D has been installed. (Search "Next Launcher 3D" to download) 2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Personality-->Theme->Installed->Choose purple lizard Next Launcher ThemeNOTE: how to add the 3D custom icons > long press icon on homescreen> than will pop up some little symbol-icons>and tab on the symbol it looks like a paper document. On my screen it is the second last. than wait 2sec. and you will see all 3D iconsGet also now the mega edition purple lizard designer clock widgets and purple lizard lock-screen straight on your smartphone or Tablet and complete your homescreen design. click on "more by Maystarwerk" or search for Maystarwerk here in the market and find your HD purple lizard APP collection in google play store. Any advice or suggestion is appreciated. Please comment our work. Please send opinions to: may@maystarwerk.comMaystarwerk: Over 200 quality designer apps and widgets for android. We make designer apps for the discerning smartphone owner. Designer HD live wallpaper, Power Amp Skins. Themes, beautiful analog clock widgets and beautiful digital clock widgets, video-Ringtones and high class designer Lock screens and more. Made in Germany - copyright�© all rights reserved Maystarwerkcom. gtp. nextlauncher. theme, next launcher theme Zt. art.
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