Prayer Now : Azan Prayer Times

Prayer Now comes to all Muslims with big new features that is needed all the day to all Muslims around the world like: Displaying Prayer times with a pretty good natural and Islamic theme showing the next prayer. Quibla direction all over the world to Mecca. Listen to Holly Quran for lots of famous readers. Azkar Muslims for praying integrating Zaker Pro App into Prayer Now. Wonderful greeting cards with ability to write and share them through Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp And All other social media channels. Qyam lel reminder. Displaying Prayer times in widget. Ongoing notification with next prayer indicator with different theme to choose from. Wodooa and cleaning before praying with detailed pictures. How to preform Muslim prayer with descriptive pictures. Integrating with Saamon Fasting reminder App to alert of Mondays, Thursdays and 13th 14th 15th Fasting days for Every Arabic month. Daily Timer to remind read Quran. Higri Arabic Date. Flip to turn to silent technology to fast turn azan sound into silent during meetings. Silent during prayer time for 30 minutes with a detailed call list alerting automatically with missed calls during 30 minutes. Ability to listen only 2 takbera or all the azan sound. Azan sounds like Mashary Rashid Al-afasy, Abd bassit, mecca azan, and more. Alert of daily Sunrise time. Doaa after Azan with sheikh Mohamed Alshaarawy voice: 30. ). ).".".
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements None