SEX mood LITE - Only an astrologer knows this!

Sexuality is the engine of human development and is directly related to the second, orange chakra. Temptations, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, intimacy between the loved ones, reduction of stress, passion and various martial arts - it all belongs to the ways of the fulfilment of the orange chakra.Application Sex MOOD lite will help you better understand the patterns and opportunities in this sphere of life, and will also help you feel more secure and confident in the beginning of a new relationship, and in the relations of a long-lasting intimacy. Observing the dynamics of astrological influence, find recommendations both for your priorities and for your partners most desirable expression of intimacy. Perceive those recommendations as a road sign; have a creative approach towards it agree with your partner on poses and intensity, in order to enjoy the time spent together more in a more deep and confident manner.Usually, in order to fully understand the key motives of ones actions, we consult with the professional astrologers who interpret information about the stars and planets from their point of view. However, their services not always available.Therefore, we have spent several years developing and creating a unique application for smartphones that will help you analyse the astrological planets and their impact on yours or someone else's sex life. You can see the way stars change and regulate the components of sexuality, increasing or decreasing them in different periods of time, thus creating a maximum increase or decrease of sexuality.A daily astrological calculation of sexual potential takes into account the position of all the planets, an inborn handicap of human sexuality, as well as the daily fluctuations of the planets. In the development of this application we used the knowledge of professional astrologers gathered for centuries and a unique know-how technique which has no analogues in the world. The entire technologically informative cycle, which previously had been used only at the level of consciousness of an astrologer, is now in your hands!Tips on using the app!In order to find the most accurate answers to your questions, you must specify your date of birth as precisely as possible, including the time of birth, city and the time zone. If in doubt, please refer to your birth certificate.Additional note!This application indicates individually calculated potential of a man, while his free will may be stronger, so the awareness and use of this potential in the hands of each of us. Moreover, there are bonds among different chakras, and people who rely on the common sense too much, may have their orange chakra or sexual energy delayed or even blocked.SEX MOOD lite provide partial functionality.Buy the full version for maximum Astrology analysis.Twitter: @sexmoodiphone
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License Free
File Size 6.12 MB
Version 1.0.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.