GearsShift: For mindset shifts to reduce anxiety, uncertainty, adversity and much more. GearShift for mindset shifts was developed by Srini Pillay, M.D , a Harvard-trained brain and behavior specialist. It will help you through psychological changes such as anxiety, uncertainty, adversity and much more. Dr. Pillay is an internationally recognized Harvard-trained psychiatrist and brain-imaging researcher as well as a certified master executive coach. He is also the CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, voted one of the Top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world. will allow you to get the psychological help you need whenever you need it: just-in-time. From controlling emotions by managing anxiety and uncertainty to helping you think more positively, the app will walk you through major obstacles step-by-step showing you how this impacts your brain so that you learn faster as well. Each app comes with a short version, longer version with details if you want it, and a summary at the end. All tools are based on extensive research that shows how simple, effective and easy-to-implement steps can change how your brain functions so that you live optimally. The beauty of this is that you can now do this as you are facing your life challenges. Although Gearshift starts with these three basic functions, it will soon house other simple 5-step processes to avoid decision traps, build an inclusive team, increase innovation and agility within organizations. There will eventually be more than 500 apps on the platform for you to choose from.Why wait if you have research-based tips, tools and techniques to change your brain wiring now? Medical Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. NBG assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this product.The advice given on GearShift is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain, emotional discomfort or trauma and consult a medical expert. Start slowly and at the level that is appropriate for you. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.
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