Destiny Game

Where life is lived with an eternal perspective"Kids love to anticipate life experiences like a first date or a job, accompanied with some of the choices they will have along the way. Both kids and adults are challenged to cultivate an eternal perspective to guide their choices in this life. And at the end we apply Bible teaching to learn our eternal Destiny. What will yours be?This game is designed to provide lots of teachable moments. But they are much better if adults are actively involved! Parents (and grandparents), you need to invest some time playing The Game of Destiny with your kids. This is not just a game for your kids to entertain themselves. It is a great opportunity for you to learn what your kids are thinking and interact with them about real life. For some ideas, click on the 'Parents' button on the home page.Players Experience-Players earn and spend money. As in real life, you will want to manage it wisely. But remember that at the end of the game, you cant take it with you.-Players earn Eternal Fruit rewards that will last.-Learn/review the how to of becoming a Christian-Make life choices with a balance of near-term and eternal consequences-Apply Bible verses to guide your life choices-Land on a Sunday where you have a choice of attending church which gains you eternal fruit, or working overtime in hopes of getting a bonus.-As in real life, God gives us resources and expects us to use them as He provides opportunity-Collect and use Spiritual Gift Resource Cards, indicating God-given ability for a particular service Examples: Mercy, Teaching, Serving.-Collect and use Character Trait Resource Cards, indicating qualities of spiritual maturity developed over time Examples: Grace, Diligence, Purity-Collect and use Prayer Power Resource Cards for use in responding to any challenge card. Read a related Bible verse about prayer.-Draw Real Life Challenge cards that have rewards for your current life choices Example: If you had a quiet time today, collect one piece of fruit-Draw Opportunity Challenge cards related to possible activities Example: Opportunity to reach out to somebody who is having a hard time in life. Receive two pieces of fruit. (Extra fruit if you have the gift of Mercy, Giving or Serving.)-Draw a Dilemma Challenge card that presents a sin problem and asks for an appropriate Bible verse Example: You are tempted to download inappropriate music. Romans 12:2. (Extra fruit if you have the character traits of Contentment, Self-Control or Righteousness.)-Join us for the fun! If you play wisely, you might just end up in the modern-day Hall of Fame of Faith!
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System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.