Gifts List - Keep track of lists of presents, what store to buy in, by what date and for which person

Are your pockets bulging with bits of paper with gift ideas on them? Do you struggle to keep track of how much you've spent and on who? Do you forget to buy all the presents in the store when you are there and have to go back? Yes, well this App is for you and unlike other Apps this one can be used all year round it is not just a Christmas list.To use this App you just have to set yourself a budget and a default gift date (see the Prefs page) and then you can start adding people to the list and adding gifts you want to get for them.Each person has their own budget that you can set for them. All these budgets are added up and subtracted from your overall budget to show you how much is left (see the Remaining field). Great for not overspending at christmas.Each person has a name, a budget and some notes. To add a gift you must first have added at least one person so the gift can be allocated to them. As you add people and give them budgets the remaining budget field will reduce so you can see when either you are allowing too much for each person or have not allocated enough overall budget. The App will not stop you from allocating too much it just shows as a negative remaining amount.Each gift has a name, a date, an amount, a store to be bought in, notes and whether it is bought, wrapped and sent. A gift has four states: To be bought, bought, wrapped and sent.There are six different views of the gifts that can be seen. These are accessed from the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can use these differing views to plan your showing by Store, or date or to see what gifts still have to be wrapped, etc. Much easier than sifting through pieces of paper.The first 'Person' is ordered by each person and their gifts whatever the state of the gift. All gifts are shown whether they are to be bought, bought, wrapped or sent.The next is 'Store' and is ordered by the stores specified for the various gifts. This works best when each gift is allocated a store that it is to be bought in. Gifts are only shown when they are still to be bought.The next is 'Date' and is ordered by the dates gifts are to be bought. You may be using the App for christmas but also have a couple of birthdays around this time to also by for. This allows you to allocate gifts to other days and this view will show you which gifts need to be bought/wrapped/sent and when.The final three are under 'Status...'. There are three options shown when this button is pressed. The first is 'To Be Bought', the next is 'To be Wrapped' and the last is 'To be Sent'. Each shows gifts that are in that state. Gifts are only shown in 'To be Bought' if their state shows them still not bought. Gifts are only shown in 'To Be Wrapped' if they are bought and not wrapped. Gifts are only shown in 'To be Sent' if they are bought and wrapped.You can edit a person by selecting the blue button on the right of their name.You can edit a gift by selecting the tan button on the right of its name.You can set the state of a gift from the table by selecting the gift in the table. At the top right the three buttons 'Bought', 'Wrapped' and 'Sent' are enabled. The state of the gift can be changed. Depending on what table view you are looking at the gift may disappear from the list e.g. If, while looking at the Store view, you select Bought for a gift then it will be removed from that list since this view only shows to be bought gifts.To add a Store: Each gift has a field specifying a store it is to be bought in. The first time you want to add a new Store just type the name of the store into the Store field of the Add Gift/Edit Gift page. When save is selected then the gift will be added to that person but also the store will be added. Next time you want to specify that store again for another gift just select the 'Set' button next to the store field and select the store from the picker wheel.
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Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.