The singing of Chairman Mao

"Red songs" is a Chinese folk song, which determines that it is the ordinary people love to see and hear. From the period of Jinggangshan folk Jiangxi, Yanan during the "Xintianyou", to the liberation of the motherland and the reform and opening to the outside world full of pride, folk songs of different regions of the different period of "red songs" diversified styles, different regions, different people can find their own tone in the "red songs". This makes the "red songs" has a broad mass base."Red songs" the melody is beautiful, refined language. Every song has been "red songs", almost all the people sing, after a thousand million people, and the people repeatedly sung in refining, increasingly mature. From this point of view, "red songs" is the artist's work, is the people to create art, is to express one's real feelings of the common people. Therefore, whether it is "red songs" word or song, is concise, simple, lucid, elegant. "Red songs" another prominent artistic features is its simplicity. Simple folk characteristics, from the folk song "red songs" not only inherits this property, and to carry forward. It is produced in the people's labor, struggle, living and entertainment, reflect the people's thoughts and feelings, sings the praises of the motherland, the people of the party singing, singing, a straightforward when lyrical play moving force, flashing light art. "Red songs" also with the times. Have different times in the "red", both melody and lyrics are very close to life. The lyrics reflects the revolution, construction and practice of life in different times, presents the specific; the melody is reflecting that period of life and mental state. "Red songs" the artistic characteristics, make it different from other music art, also it has a unique function of aesthetic education and social education function."Red songs" sung as if the person to the pain of the war, to be in full swing in the construction site, let a person be in remembrance of those for national independence, people's liberation, national prosperity and social progress and the dedication to the youth and blood is a precious life hero at the same time, produce a kind of heroic heroic spirit, inspire people to make progress. People enjoy the "red songs", can get not only the sensory enjoyment, pleasure, but also can absorb the spirit of power from, affected and education. Can say, "excellent carrier red songs" is the propaganda and revolutionary spirit and the spirit of patriotism, is the rare good form of aesthetic education. "Red songs" help people establish correct world outlook, outlook on life, values. Under the condition of market economy, realize many people one-sided pursuit of self value and interests, ideals and beliefs and social responsibility desalination, individualism, money worship, hedonism has become part of people's identity values. This and our nation, this time is not compatible. The need of our time is contained in "red songs" of patriotism, positive attitude towards life, ideal and career to fight, not afraid of sacrifice, selfless, forge ahead in unity of spirit. Therefore, singing "red songs", can promote people to form a noble moral quality, and produce enormous action force.the app collection of some hymn of leaders.
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