At The Telegraph we want to make sure that you continue to get the most from your subscription. As part of that commitment, we have created the The Telegraph Subscriber app which gives you access to our subscriber offers direct from your phone. The app lets you search for offers closest to you, and includes discounts for: restaurants, days out, film screenings, golf courses and leading beauty chains, plus much more. Each offer can be used immediately or saved for later use so you can plan ahead and save money. App features: - No need to carry your privilege card with you - simply link to your subscription within the app to activate your digital card - Find participating venues near you at the touch of a button - Search other locations with our customised search - Save offers in your 'wallet' for 7 days for use when out of 3G/4G or Wi-Fi range - Search by types of offer, e.g. restaurants, days out and golf clubs If you would like to become a Telegraph Subscriber Privilege Card holder and take full advantage of the savings you can make by using the app, visit our subscriber website, You can even have a quick look at our online search facility to see what we have near you at Here's a taste of the benefits you can look forward to as a subscriber: - 2 for 1 offers at more than 2,000 restaurants - 2 for 1 entry at 18 Servisair airport lounges - 10% off at selected Sawday's UK accommodation - Discounts on days out - Up to 50% off at more than 1,000 golf courses - Free tea and coffee at Debenhams cafsContent rating: Low Maturity
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