The QR Scheduler smartphone and tablet application allows the user to scan a QR barcode which instantly loads the corresponding schedule into your device's default calendar. The QR Scheduling process allows anyone, team members, parents, coaches, family, friends and the like, to turn any schedule, series of events or single event into a unique QR barcode. That barcode can then be disseminated electronically or in print form to anyone who wishes to load the schedule into their electronic calendar. QR Scheduler ends the frustration and time associated with inputting numerous schedules or events into a calendar on your Android. League offices, individual coaches, athletic departments, schools, park districts or anyone can quickly create a unique QR barcode at our website,, then disseminate that barcode to interested individuals. The QR Scheduler application allows those individuals to easily scan the barcode and populate their default calendar with the corresponding schedule or events. QR Scheduler is owned, and was created, by two fathers of elementary aged children who enjoy coaching and watching those children participate in numerous sporting events but hate using the 1" X 2" keypad on our smartphones to enter upwards of thirty different events every time a new activity starts and a new game/practice schedule is handed out. The owners also coach many of their children's sports and recognize that the QR Scheduling process should help eliminate the numerous calls preceding any individual event from parents looking to verify the time of the event or exact place of the event.The QR Scheduler process allows coaches, managers, leagues or athletic directors to control the data associated with the unique barcodes from merely listing a game as a "home" game to being more specific and listing the exact address of the field. That information is then pushed into the calendar of the QR Scheduler application user. Last minute questions regarding which field, which gym or which hockey rink the kids are playing at today will be eliminated. While the potential scheduling applications are endless, QR Scheduler was designed by busy parents for busy parents. We hope it simplifies your life as much as it has ours.Content rating: Everyone
File Size525.51 kB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.