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www.HeartsRing.comHearts Beats, Breath Entrainment, Coherence Coaching, EMPATHY TRAINING- and the Oneness ExperienceThe Lo Frequencies of your Heart Harmonics - called Heart Rate Variability -(HRV)- are one of the most important medical indicators of overall (immune system) health.The more frequencies present- called Harmonic Inclusive - or "fractal field' in your heart's harmonics ( fractalfield.com/holarchy ) - indicate how long you will live (controllable with your breathing).Another kool benefit of tuning your (breath controllable) hearts major low frequency key signature (visible on HeartsRing) - is the principle of bio-resonance or micromotion entrainment - which is a proven way to create a palpable energy connection with your lover, your guru, your healer, your music hero - or any individual or group with whom you may want to feel a ONE-ness experience.Whether it is lovemaking, tantra, or conflict resolution, or healing, or corporate consensus building, or rock concert bliss - clearly the feeling of group entrainment - is enhanced when biologic 'pendulum' swing together. (Lots of references- on the web site). NEW! (for your rock band)- Musical Key Signature shown for your actual HRV peak-AND your chosen goal point.Breathing is the powerful way - to tune your hearts beat's musical fundamental - on the HEARTSRING - once you have noticed where YOUR (HRV) musical key (harmonic) peak is- you simply click on the moving peak (harmonic line on top) of the person - or leader (or guru or lover - or teacher or..) whose heart you want to FEEL (who is also connected). Then the simple breathing cue program is timing adjusted to allow you to synchronize BREATH AND HEART - with your (lover / guru / teacher / healer / rock band-DJ..).AND as you carefully breathe in the new rhythmn for a few minutes - you WATCH as your heart's RING (musical harmonic peak/ HRV) - moves to TOUCH YOUR LEADER. Even see - who moves first toward touching the other!Feel a hair raising RUSH- when your heart LINKS with the HEARTs RING of your chosen person or group!This version:link with up to 4 people at once - each must be connected.- Soon- hundreds.. thousands!In addition to HEART COHERENCE control - see also http://www.fractalfield.com/coherenceand learning to Heart LINK to any person you choose to FEEL energy with - by resonance entrainment...- you can learn 'yogic' conscious control of your breathing: where your breath goes to TOUCH the HEARTS RING you choose to move to - your choice of coherent emotion- and intentional empathy. (Empathy training is immensely valuable to corporate boardrooms, healers, peacemakers, military generals, bank managers.. to name a few)you have a choice of inputting your heart rate (HRV) by putting your finger gently on the camera light of your iPhone, (see notes- not for cold environments- not on iPad) or connecting the Polar or other HRV chest strap to the small iThlete plug for the iPhone audio connection - available at HeartsRing.com -You can easily begin and get dramatic feedback with no external hardware - using just the camera light - or you can order a separate Heart Rate transmitter- at our web link.Thanks so much for letting your HeartsRING!- See link for lots more of Global Peacemaking with Hearts which RING together!------------Global Heart/Breath Entrainment- Group Mind Biofeedback for Iphone / Ipad from Dan Winter and The Implosion GroupDan Winter is in the literature for inventing the term HEART COHERENCE - because he pioneered the (cepstrum) mathematics to measure it:http://www.fractalfield.com/coherenceWith his Original Invention: HeartTunerhttp://www.goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial& first brainwave EEG biofeedback to measure peak perception/ bliss / ecstatic states - using Golden Ratio in EEG- his BLISSTUNER invention:http://www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintroBliss as Science book: Science of Ecstacy and Immortalityhttp://www.goldenmean.info/consciouskids
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