Formally Mash Libs and Word Pun... Mash Puns is a mix between the MASH game and Mad Libs, if you like either of those games youll LOVE Mash Puns! Want to know whom you will marry? What color will your wedding be? How about what your news years resolution will be?Or what you and your crush will do? Going to a dance? Who will you go with?Find out the answers by playing Mash Puns!Mash Puns allows you to pick a story and then enter multiple answers for a given question. Questions can be nouns, verbs, people, body parts, adjectives, etc. After entering your answers you pick a magic number. This number MASHes your answers together and gives you a one of a kind wacky story tailored to you.After you finish laughing (or crying) about your story you can share it with your friends via Facebook, SMS, or email!Currently Word Pun has six story lines, with more stories coming soon: + The Classic Mash+ New Years Resolution+ My Crush+ Absent+ Best Pet+ The DanceEnjoy!
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with . iTunes account required.