Arcana: A Tarot Journey

Arcana offers a complete Tarot solution. Extensive card interpretations are coupled with a system where you can add your own thoughts about any card. Three types of Tarot spreads are included; which result in readings which can be edited and saved into a library. You can also add readings you perform with your own cards, outside of Arcana. Share what you write via email or Twitter. Everything is presented using lush graphics and special effects. Arcana is highly configurable.Tarot Spreads: Past-Present-Future, Circle of Life & Celtic Cross.Past-Present-Future is a typical Indicator Card style of reading; where you are able to gain a quick view of the current situation. by studying three cards.Circle of Life is my personal favorite style of Tarot reading. It is based on the twelve houses in astrology (though you really do not have to have any knowledge of that subject to use this reading successfully). The entirety of your life is divided into twelve different areas; everything from family to career. Studying each card, as is relates to that area of your life, can be quite informative. Noticing the relationships that form between cards/areas, where your weaknesses and strengths lie; can give you incredible insight into how to better the self.Celtic Cross is the most popular type of Tarot spread; and is an invaluable tool. It allows you to plumb the depths of one question, from many different angles. The ten cards offer a depth of detail that gives you the ability to immerse yourself in fixing a nettlesome problem or to properly appreciate and celebrate a happy occurrence in your life.Arcana gives you the ability to label the ten cards however you like; making it your own, personal, Celtic Card spread.Tarot Card InterpretationsThe Tarot Card Library section of Arcana contains a medium-sized books' worth of text, written by me; utilizing all the notes that I've compiled over the years.My interpretations of the cards are fairly standard. However, you will discover that I tend to orient my thoughts towards the betterment of the self. If a card tends to be a good one, then I will demonstrate how one might use one's good fortune to work even harder. If a negative card presents itself, I will not shy away from showing how personal faults and errors in judgement were the ultimate cause of your misfortune.Rarely will I admit that a random act of the Universe brought you either good or bad tidings. I believe that we are always responsible for what happens to us in life; and my interpretations reflect that world view.Some might find my interpretations to be more vivid than they are used to. My editor found my writings to be fascinating; but often commented that she couldn't believe that I would actually state some things in the ways that I did. The reason that I chose to use such stark imagery was in an effort to convey important information through dramatic imagery.
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