ShreeNathji - Merged Form of KrishnRadhaShreeNathji Darshan ApplicationPresented By : Abha Shahra Shyama Directed By : Gurushree Dr. Sudhir ShahDeveloped By : Ritesh KocharThis application helps Thakurji ShreeNathji devotees to have darshan while they are on move. Following are salient features:- Govardhan Leela by Shree Krishna- Apperance of Alokik Bhuja- Ghumar cow feeding Shreeji- Shreeji appering at Naro's house- ShreeNathji - Vallabhacharaya Bhent- KrishnRadha Merging in to ShreeNathji- Mangla Darshan- Shringar Darshan- Gwal Darshan- Rajbhog Darshan- Utthapan Darshan- Bhog Darshan- Aarti Darshan- Shayan Darshan- Gaushala DarshanNote : Our intention is, to provide this application for Senior Citizens and all bhakt who cannot reach ShriNathji NathdwaraShreeNathji - Merged Form of KrishnRadha,Shreenathji is Two in One. One half Krishn, the other Radha. Totally merged Energies, Urja's of KrishnRadha is the Form of Shreenathji. The Swarup (Idol) of ShreeNathji, as it is established in Nathdwara today, originally appeared in the Holy Braj Bhumi Vrindavan Dham at Mathura; from within the sacred hill of Shri Govardhan.In His Lalan Form, He is worshipped by the Pushtimaarg Vaishnav bhakt.About KrishnRadhaShree Krishn is the Supreme Form of God; the SuperSoul. Shree Krishn is Gods perfect manifestation.God is both male and female.This Supreme God divided Himself as Shakti and Shaktiman. Thus the Supreme Soul embodied Himself as Purush (male energy) and Prakriti (female energy).These absolute two Swarups are ShreeKrishn and ShreeRadha.Shree Radha is the full power, and Shree Krishn is the possessor of full power.Without Radha there is no meaning to Krishn and without Krishn there is no meaning to Radha.Radha is as spiritual as Thakurjee Himself. Shree Radha and Lord Krishn are identical. He takes no pleasure in anything material. Lord Krishn could never enjoy anything that is less spiritual than Himself.Radha, a part of the Supreme Soul, is the principle of ecstasy. She is His Atma.Radha embodies half the divine effulgence of Shree Krishn. They are both one body divided into two beings - such is the irrefutable decree of the Veda.The spiritual and mystical relationship of divine love between Radha and Krishn, is difficult for the human mind to grasp as the Supreme Soul who is infinite in nature, cannot logically, be understood by the reasoning mind. It is only when our dormant love for God is awakened and purified through devotion, faith and belief, and we are able to transcend the mind that we might get a glimpse about the true nature of the Divine.Shree Krishna was born in Mathura, India. He has spoken the Holy Bhagvad Gita, which is accepted as a universal book of knowledge.Shree Krishn is also known as Bal Gopal, Gopala, Shyam.
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