Brick Wall of Friendship

True friends are as precious as gems, and good friendships bring happiness and success to life. But, do you really know how good of a friendship you have with someone? Are you sure that a so called friendship is not actually bad for you? This app will help you figure out how good your relationships are by assigning numbers, or friendship points, to them. The higher your friendship points with someone, the stronger your friendship bond is with them. How does the app work? Much like a brick wall, which is built one brick at a time, friendships are built one interaction at a time. Positive interactions help build the friendship wall, and negative ones tear down the bricks that have already been laid. Following each encounter with a friend or acquaintance, decide whether it was a positive interaction or a negative one; whether you feel good about the interaction or bad. Assign it a positive number, from 1 to 10, or a negative number, from -1 to -10. Choose from a drop-down list of reasons why you assigned the number, or write in your own comments. Do this for all your interactions. Brick Wall of Friendship will keep track of your entries and friendship points and arrange your friends based on the points earned. In a short time, itll become very clear who your true friends are.In essence, this app is an active and private diary designed to help you pay a bit more attention to your relationships so you can evaluate them intelligently. Use it for your close friends as well as professional acquaintances.One word of caution! We tend to sabotage ourselves by not being honest with our feelings. You may assign a positive number to an interaction because assigning a negative number would be unthinkable, perhaps because you are stuck in a relationship with someone, and find it too hard to admit the truth. Disregard what you are supposed to feel. Be honest and truthful; amazing things happen that way.That is also why it is crucial to keep this app private; this is your one true private place in the world. Socialize on Facebook and Twitter, but keep your entries in Brick Wall of Friendship private. Brick Wall of Friendship is password protected.
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.