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"Most Intriguing Use of New Technology" - 2012 IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals)Cookbook Cafe is the place to find wonderfully original cookbooks created by home chefs, food bloggers, nonprofit organizations and other grassroots authors.These aren't simple "e-books," but full-fledged app-based cookbooks that take full advantage of your iPad. With this app you can:1) Shop the Cookbook Cafe storefront, 2) Read the cookbooks you download, and 3) Browse and search all the individual recipes in your downloaded cookbooks 4) Use our nifty kitchen timers, substitution charts and conversion tablesBecause each recipe in each cookbook you download is indexed individually by type, ingredient and author, you'll never have to waste time searching for recipes (wouldn't it be great if your cookbook shelf at home could do that?). The price of each cookbook is set by its author. Many are free, and most cost less than a few bucks. Perhaps best of all, many of the books you'll find at Cookbook Cafe help support nonprofit organizations that use community cookbooks to help raise funds. Cookbook Cafe was created by seven-time Webby honored food social network and recipe swap Join us as we democratize cookbook publishing and help change the world, one recipe at a time! For more information, visit * Browse & Shop for Cookbooks Based on Recipe/Food Category and Cost In the Cookbook Cafe storefront you can find cookbooks based on food category, recipe and ingredient, as well as by reviews, whats most popular, etc. You can also shop specifically for cookbooks that help support nonprofit organizations. Many of the cookbooks are free, and most cost less than a few bucks.* Easy Recipe Searching Once youve downloaded a cookbook, every recipe in that book is indexed individually in your library. This means you dont have to search entire cookbooks to find a specific recipe. Simply search by keyword and the recipe will appear. Wouldnt it be great if you could do that with the cookbooks on your kitchen shelf?! * Instant Access to Cookbook Reviews Its easy to post and read reviews, and you have the ability to message authors directly.* Anywhere Access to Your Downloaded Cookbooks Once you download a cookbook, all the recipes in that book reside on your iPad. This means you dont need to be connected to the Internet to access your recipes. * Multi-Platform Access The cookbooks you download via the Cookbook Cafe iPad app can also be accessed and searched on any web-enabled computer at Note: multi-platform access requires registration (which is free). * A Rich, Multimedia Experience Many of the cookbooks in Cookbook Cafe include not just photos, but audio, video and other multimedia. * Automatic Backups The cookbooks you download using this app are saved on your iPad. In addition, all of your cookbooks may be accessed on any other iPad and from any web-enabled computer provided you register with and sync your downloaded cookbooks. * Multiple Recipe Viewing Modes Recipe pages can be viewed in standard (full length) or condensed cook mode for easy viewing in the kitchen. * Kitchen Timers, Substitution Charts & Conversion Tables Never burn a dish again with these nifty tools Cookbook Cafe gives you five separate programmable timers that can be used simultaneously even if you close the app! ******If you'd like to create your own cookbook, please visit our cookbook builder at It's free to create and market your cookbook in the Cookbook Cafe storefront. Need help or want to give us feedback? Send an email to babette [at] bakespace [dot] com. or connect on the web at: http://bakespace.com
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