Ultimate Life Hacks

Ultimate Life Hacks is the ultimate collection of the worlds best kept secrets and hacks to being productive, efficient, influential, successful, wealthy, and healthy. Its the secrets that only the top sharks know and use. You see, while all the other fish were too busy swimming in the endless sea, the sharks knew all the secrets and hacks, and swam their way to the top. Now only the sharks know the secrets, and these secrets have remained hidden from you all along.These are the secrets used everyday by top musicians, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, doctors, sports players, celebrities, political leaders, your wealthy neighbors and the hacks used by those who know how to be healthy, save time, money, and effort.Let the hacks speak for themselves: If you get brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can. Viola, instant brain freeze relief. On most elevators, press close door and your floor number at the same time for express service. You will skip all floors between even if people are calling the elevator. If you spill any liquid that will stain on your carpet (red wine, juice, etc), pour some salt on it. Work it into your carpet-just rub it with your hands. Leave there for a few hours and vacuum it out. Viola, stain gone. At the end of your shower, turn the water really or all the way cold. This will wake you up and get the blood flowing as well as give you energy. It also closes your pores to less dirt and bacteria to get in to help reduce acne.Secrets: Always be polite. People will treat you better if you're both friendly and polite. If you make eye contact with an attractive guy or girl, don't be the first one to break eye contact. It's a game, and you lose when you look away first. A smile can earn you bonus points. Write something down once or more helps you memorize it. Next time you're in need of whatever it is you wrote down, you'll get a mental picture of what you wrote, and your mind connects the missing pieces. It really works. Don't be rude, but NEVER answer any cop's questions when they call you in for questioning. The same way your body needs to exercise to stay in shape, your mind's exercises are puzzles. They make your mind stronger and you smarter.And hundreds more!So stop swimming in the darkness, and finally discover the secrets you should have been told from day 1.Current number of hacks and secrets: 216 and counting
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