This App is a modernised version of the oldest oracle system in the history of mankind, the I-Ching (Book of Changes).To question the oracle is quite easy. Start your App, concentrate upon your personal question and throw the oracle coins by shaking your Iphone a total of 6 times- within a moment you receive your personal oracle hexagram.Already more than 3000 years ago the ancient Chinese Masters understood reality as a complex system from time, space, movement and probability- a view which is rediscovered and confirmed by the knowledge of modern quantum physics. The basic idea of the I-Ching says that future develops from the Here and Now combined with the ruling waves of probability. To make a long story short, depending on which possibility to act one chooses, this decision will determine ones future.Question the I-Ching oracle about things within your life that personally affect you- whether its about destiny, love or career. So to speak the I-Ching holds on time and gives the chance to take a look at the momentary state of affairs, the prevailing waves of probability as well as the future development which arises from both.The oracle itself is divided in different sections:- The oracle starts with Judgment of the Ancient- so called because it begins with a translation of the ancient original Chinese oracle followed by a description of the basic principle that corresponds with the state of affairs of the questioner (This part of the oracle is activated in the free basic version of the I-Ching App).- In the section Character an archetypical human idea is assigned to your hexagram. These ideas of man are assigned to specific qualities and conflicts which demand deliberate treatment so that we can learn from them, as life has intended for us. - In the chapter Advice the oracle gives suggestions of how to deal sensible with the state of affairs.- The section The Single Lines describes the probabilities indicated by the changeable lines within your hexagram.- Finally the second hexagram is created which shows the future result of the development The I-Ching oracle tells the questioner quite clearly: This is where you are right now and the probability runs to this direction. You must decide whether you want it like this or not. If not, youll have to change something. This is the deeper meaning of the oracle. Our future is not at all determined. . At every moment of our life we can influence our future by changing the circumstances and with it also the waves of probability. The I-Ching speaks to the inner voice of the questioner because man is blessed with a gift we call intuition- which is the instinctive knowledge about ones own strengths and weaknesses and also of ones own way, his destiny.
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