-------------------------------== ver.4.1.1 Information ==1. Layout change and/or adjustments adapting to the device type. 2. Directly keyboard input is available for the several numerical entry as the same as the wheel entry. - Note. It is selected by the app Settings. Keyboard input is partially supported only when 3.5-inch devices or iPad scale mode.3. The latest Oil change, battery change, tire change are shown in the Records.- Note. It is indicated at the time of Deluxe Menu(enhanced menu) application.It is shown except 3.5-inch devices (including iPad scale mode).4. Settings and data backup/restore is available when device migration or so on using iCloud.- Note. The corresponding buckup is shared among the devices signed-in to iCloud by the same Apple ID. It is overwritten by the latest buckup.5. This version become to be supported on iOS7.1 or upper.See the application support page for more information. -------------------------------"Shakeibo the Mileager" is the simple application to organize the record data of your car mileage. Mpg(Mile/Gallon) or Km/L is available.The records are sorted by the several factors, and the statistics of those are taken.Also the data records can be exported by e-mail attachment.It can be imported to MS Excel or some spread sheet softwares.[General Functions]** Input Both Odometer and Trip-meter are available.** Mileage List o Sort by Date o Sort by Mileage o Sort by Distance o Sort by Fuel Charge** Statistics o Best Mileage o Worst Mileage o Average of Mileage o Longest Distance (between Fuel charge) o Shortest Distance (between Fuel charge) o Most amount of Fuel Charge o Least amount of Fuel Charge** Export the Data Records The stack of data records can be sent by e-mail to the specific address as the attachment file. ## Data Record Format ## Tab Separated Variable Text File. 1 Record 1 Line. Date->Distance->Fuel Charge->Mileage->Memo("->": Tab.)To import this data file to the other software, specify the delimiter(separator) to Tab, the character code to UTF-8. ** Two or more Cars support (In App Purchase) o Two or more Cars' profiles can be registered. Their data records are individually managed. o Add/Delete the car profile as you like. o Even if you applied this In App Purchase function in the middle of your use of this application, your car profile (and its data records so far) is kept up as the 1st car. o Each registered car is switched to use.** Deluxe Menu(In App Purchase)o The menu items and those functions are added as the following: - Oil Exchange History - Battery Exchange History - Tire Exchange Historyo The past 'Simple Menu' and the new 'Deluxe Menu' can be switched by Settings.(Data is not gone then.)o Each exchange history data of oil, battery, and tires is also attached to export by e-mail if it's exists.o The oil exchange data is recorded.o The exchange of Oil Element and the exchange memo are also recorded. [Oil exchange history data file format] Tab Separated Variables' Text File. 1 Record 1 Line Date->A->MemoA(Oil element exchange flag): 0-As is, 1-Changed("->": Tab)o The battery exchange data is recorded.o The exchange memo is also recorded. [Battery exchange history data file format] Tab Separated Variables' Text File. 1 Record 1 Line Date->Memo("->": Tab)o The tire exchange data is recorded.o The four-wheel status(which tires was exchanged?) and the exchange memo are also recorded. [Tire exchange history data format] Tab Separated Variables' Text File. 1 Record 1 Line Date->ABCD->MemoABCD(Tire exchange flag A-Front Right B-Front Left C-Rear Right D-Rear Left): 0-As is, 1-Changed("->": Tab)Refer to the Support Page for the further information of this application.
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 3.59 MB
Version 4.1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. iTunes account required.