Cat Communication

Cats communicate via a range of vocal and behavioral gestures. Learn to understand what your feline friend is saying to you. Did you know that by using different pitched meows your cat is expressing completely different things? Learn to talk to these emotional and beautiful creatures by adjusting your words, tone and behaviors so that your cat can interpret them. Cat Communication includes both a guide to interpreting what your cat is saying and a guide to communicating with your cat. Did you know that a cat can interpret the tone of your voice and will have a good idea of what youre communicating via the pitch you use to talk? What does it mean when a cat looks at you and closes and opens its eyes? And what is your cat trying to tell you when it rolls over and shows you its tummy? Tips include toilet training your cat, calling it to come to you, teaching specific words and their meanings, how to pacify an angry moggy and much more. A fascinating app for cat lovers and a handy reference for anyone training a kitten, purrfect for anyone who is interested in cats. Simple step by step instructions will guide you through the process of teaching your cat to communicate in a way that you can both understand. Use this guide to simply understand and bond more deeply with your cat or take it further and use the range of methods in Cat Communication to teach your cat a series of tricks. Whether you are looking for a training guide or youre just interested in communicating better with your cat, Cat Communication contains all sorts of facts and insights into the feline world. A fascinating app for cat lovers and a handy reference for anyone training a kitten. Free access to many techniques and translations - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase. Content does not require connectivity. Quick reference guide with detailed summary and information from wikipedia.
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