Lord Swaminarayan

Lord Swaminarayan, with all his powers and abilities incarnated himself on this earth for the salvation of numerous souls.Bhagwan Swaminarayan order to construct Temples, installed Idols in them, celebrated grand festivals, wrote vachanamrut, established Acharyas and made holy saints. He imparted spiritual knowledge to his saints & devotees and inspired them in such kind of activities, wherein ultimate deliverance of all souls was involved.Lord swaminarayan said Ravenousness for wealth and other things, the desire to remain in the company of women, great weakness for tasty foods, ego, a liking for evil company, attachment for relatives; a person who possesses these six faults will never experience happiness in life or after death.Desire the sense pleasures for fulfillment by enjoying them is akin to pouring water into a fissure which has opened up in the ground and reaches into the depths of the earth. It will never be filled. Similarly, the senses will never be satisfied even with the utmost enjoyment of the sense-objects.Desire can be eradicated from the roots by firmly imbibing the four attributes of: Jnam, Atmanishtha, Vairagya, Dharma and the full fledged devotion to God.The content written in this application are from the book of vachanamrut and other books written or told by Bhagwan swaminarayan.
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