Spin - Magic Spin

Originating from the debate that each person have a sense. Application allows creating a set of answers and apply the law to shoot "magic hat". Each player will play only a time by clicking the Spin button, players receive their results. There are many profiles have been made available, such as: Drinking rule, Newday foods, Romantic night ...Example 1: One afternoon, groups of friends invite together for a party. The drinking rule as following- Serve upto yourself- 1 glass- Repeat- The left-side drink- Bottom up- 3 glasses- Share 50 -50 with another- Punish to have no drinkExample 2: What's cooking for dinner ? how do you decide ? . Our App will help you as following- Fried chicken- Boiled duck- Fired egg- Fried beef with mustard- Stew pork with pepperSpin and receive the results. A feeling YoMost :D !!!Some key features of the program:- Create profiles: A set of many answers (choices)- Select the profile to play game- Utilities: Listen to music while spinning ...[VietNam]Xut pht t cuc tranh lun mi ngi mt . ng dng cho php to ng mt tp cc p n v p dng lut quay "chic nn k diu". Mi ngi chi s quay mt ln khi bm vo nt Spin, ngi chi nhn kt qu ca mnh. C nhiu profile c to sn nh : Lut bn nhu, mn n ngy mi, bui ti lng mnV d 1 : Mt bui chiu, nhm bn r nhau i nhu. Lut nhu c a ra to khng kh vui nhn :- Ung ty tm- Mt ly- Quay li- Bn tri ung- Cn 100%- Ba ly- Mi mt bn cng ung- Pht khng c ung :DV d 2: Nu g cho ba n bui ti, cc b ni tr tht nhc u nh- Fried chicken- Boiled duck- Fired egg- Fried beef with mustard- Stew pork with pepperBm Spin v nhn kt qu. Mt cm gic tht Yomost :D !!!Mt s tnh nng chnh ca chng trnh :- To h s : gm nhiu p n- Chn h s quay- Cc tin ch : Nghe nhc khi quay
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.