The-Ally: Virtual Theater Anywhere

The-Ally: Blockchain-based SaaS Content Distribution platformThe-Ally, (Ally) derived from Theatrically, is India's 1st Indigenous Open Platform ForCreators / Producers / Filmmakers with an audacious goal to enable every one of themto launch & monetise their Artwork Globally.The film industry has been battered by lack of trust, fraud and lack of transparency inthe distribution process. These age-old problems cost the filmmakers Millions in lostrevenue annually. Up until recently, it has been difficult to accurately track the filmviews and derive true value from all such views of the film. Though unsaid, the entireindustry is crying for the solution.So, whats the solution? How can we combat the prevailing issues resulting in lack oftransparency, revenue leakages, authenticity in deals and realisation of true potential ofthe film?The-Ally The Worlds first Trusted, Transparent & Real-time distribution & verificationsystem for the film industryThe-Ally is a fail-proof blockchain-based system / platform that is powered by multipleDApps to enable precise tracking & transparency of transactions to reduce fraud &bring high-level of trust in the system besides combating gaps in revenue leakages.Blockchain smart contracts will provide accountability in:Bringing required transparency in all transactionsEnhanced security & encryption on server sideServer-side DRM, enabling controlled distributionReal-time settlement of paymentsEnablement of Consumer centric micro-distribution (patented process)Going forward, the AI engine will derive true (not fabricated), result-driven (not influencedriven), utmost clear and usable insights for all stakeholders (not just the gatekeepers)of the ecosystem. The-Ally will bring that required revolution in the film industry.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up