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Beautiful Squid Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free!Squids detachment decapodiformes cephalopods. Typically have sizes of 0.25-0.5 m but the giant squid genus Architeuthis can reach 16.5 meters are the largest and invertebrates.Squid live in virtually all climatic zones including the Arctic but are most often found in temperate and subtropical waters. Squid living in northern seas are small compared with the southern congeners size and preferably have no color. Squids have five pairs of tentacles. The fourth pair lengthened in the process of evolution. Location suction cups on the tentacles varies. Respiratory a comb gills.Squids have streamlined torpedo body allowing them to move with great speed tail forward the main way of movement jet . Along the body passes cartilage arrow supporting the body. It's called the Gladius is a vestige of an internal shell. Coloring is various in most species color changes under the influence of electrical discharges.All Squid carnivores have suction cups on the tentacles to catch prey and salvation from enemies. Most squid have three hearts each of which is connected to one of the three main pairs of tentacles. Thanks to this dominates the ability to regenerate.Many species are edible they are used in cooking and are the subject of fishing. In the food goes carcass and tentacles. The skin at the same time cleared. The main methods of cooking decoction canning roasting stewing drying. Used in salads along with other seafood and as self-starters.Squids are mined in the southern seas of Asian countries. Vietnam China Japan as well as in the Sea of Okhotsk. Also mined on the shelf of Patagonia and the Falkland Islands near Peru.Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures - Squid Wallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones.You can save or share Squid Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
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