THIS APP IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT, NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.Welcome to the TNT mods for Minecraft download application!This TNT addon for Minecraft PE turn many Minecraft mobs into different kinds of TNT and weapons. You can get these new TNT in survival mode by traded gun powder and TNT with the Demo-man villager. Each TNT has it own types of explosive damage and range. Test it yourself and you'll see how they work! See below for the complete list of weapons.WEAPONS LIST:ANFO pack - yellow dyeAtomic (200) - wither skeletonC4 - blue dyeDisk mine - green dyeDynamite pack 4 - brown dyeDynamite pack 6 - black dyeFirecrackers - white dyeGrenade (5, fire) - eggHellraiser - cyan dyeHydrogen (350) - zombie pigmanM117 - silver dyeMicro mag - lightBlue dyeMissile - lime dyeMissile (8) - tridentMolotov cocktail (1, fire) - snowballNapalm (20, fire) - vindicatorNeutron star (2000) - end crystalNuke (500) - strayPipe bomb - purple dyeRocket launcher (12) - bow & arrowSensor mine - orange dyeSingularity (1000) - iron golemSticky bomb - undyedSticky bombs (8) - shulkerTime bomb - red dyeTiny bomb - magenta dyeTNT x100 (100) - skeletonTNT x2 (6) - zombieTNT x4 (12) - huskTNT x8 (24) - drownedTwin c4 - pink dyeTwin pipe - gray dyeIf you're a fan of TNT or other throwable and ranged weapons in Minecraft Pocket Edition, then this mod is for you!FEATURES:- Addon details and screenshots- One click mod download and install- No Minecraft servers is needed
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up