ortals for minecraft

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial app. Name, brand and assets are the property of the owner Mojang AB.Always wanted a lot of adventures with mods for mcpe, and especially to explore the most diverse worlds from the portals for minecraft? Constantly looking for something to entertain yourself in the game with portal for minecraft? We have a solution and mods for minecraft! Now you just need to download our portals mod for mcpe and you can enjoy the game with the coolest portals mods for minecraft! Have fun in the game and call friends, because they will not refuse cool trips from our portals mod for minecraft.What will be added to your game with the installation of our portals for Mcpe?After installing our portal mod for minecraft, you will have the opportunity to create not only portals to the lower world, but portals mods for mcpe and to other worlds. Now you will have a huge selection of the most diverse worlds to which you can be sent with our mods portals for minecraft. To do this, you just need to build portal mods from the resources you need and activate the portal mod for mcpe with a flint. Everything is very simple and you have long been able to build a mod portals for minecraft, but before installing our portals addon, you could not create such a variety of portals mod for Mcpe. Now you can use bookshelves, redstone lights, tnt, redstone, tnt, stone, wood and many other materials for your mod portal for mcpe to create a frame for portals mods. Just choose any material for the frame portal mods, build a frame and activate it. After these actions, you can go to another dimension through the portals minecraft. To leave the mods portal, you need to go back through the existing portal or build a new portals MCPE. Each portal differs from another in its appearance and mobs, which you may find in portals mods for mcpe. In any case, you will not be disappointed with the adventures prepared for you from the mod portal for minecraft.Do not forget to rate our application and download our other mods and maps!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version release: 5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up