Viewer for fractals like the mandelbrot set, lyapunov fractals and complex functions supporting intuitive pinch-to-zoom with many features.A re-implementation of Fractview called "Fract" is also available on the play store.* View fractals like the mandelbrot set, julia set, burning ship, newton fractals, lyapunov fractals, phoenix fractals, pendulum simulation and complex functions.* Zoom/Shear fractals using intuitive pinch-to-zoom gestures* Set your own functions or transfers* Pick from a large selection of (re-) combinable samples.* Modify colors using an intuitive drag-and-drop palette editor (support for two dimensional palettes, using LAB color space).* Use 3D-mode, branching also for eg the newton fractal.* Generate images with an arbitrary resolution.* Save and share your images.* Share specifications of fractals with others* Add your favorites and pick up from old ones.* Uses Renderscript to generate images on GPU (speed-up of at least factor 10 compared to FractViewLite).The following blog highlights certain topics on the app: out the following video for a short overview over some of the features: app supports very intuitive gestures like pinch-to-zoom (moving, rotation, scaling and even shearing using up to 3 fingers). The philosophy is similar to Google Maps - moving a finger moves the point below it accordingly.The app itself contains presets for newton fractals, orbit traps, lyapunov fractals, even pendulum simulations (, or simply view complex functions using the color wheel coloration. All these presets contain parameters that allow you so easily enter custom functions. There is support for all kinds of functions (from exp to log, from sin to atanh) and even derivates are generated automatically.There is an intuitive editor for (2-dimensional) color palettes using the LAB-Colorspace. Images can be saved (as pngs) and shared. Furthermore, you can save the fractal description and send it to others to share your work. The app furthermore includes an intuitive bookmark system with the possibility to export your saved favorites.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.2.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up