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The river otter or the pest ( Lutra lutra ) is a species of predatory mammals of the family of cunts leading a semi-aquatic life. One of the three species of the otter species ( Lutra ). In the literature, the word otter usually refers to this species.Otter is a large beast with an elongated flexible body of a streamlined shape. The body length is 55-95 cm the tail is 26-55 cm the mass is 6-10 kg. Paws are short with swimming membranes. The tail is muscular not fluffy.Coloring of fur: from above dark brown from below light silvery. The coarse hair is coarse but the underarm is very thick and tender. The density of a woolly cover can reach 51 thousand per 1 cm 2. Such a high undercoat density makes fur completely impermeable to water and perfectly isolates the animal's body protecting it from hypothermia. The structure of the body of the otter is adapted for swimming under water: a flat head short paws a long tail.The otter leads a semi-aquatic lifestyle swimming diving and getting food in the water. The otter can remain under water for up to 2 minutes.It dwells mainly in forest rivers rich in fish less often in lakes and ponds. Occurs on the sea coast. It prefers rivers with whirlpools with rides freezing in winter with washed up water cluttered beaches where there are many reliable shelters and places for burrowing. Sometimes he arranges his lairs in caves or like a nest in thickets near the water. The entrance holes of its holes open under water.The hunting grounds of one otter in summer make up a section of the river 2 to 18 km long and about 100 m deep into the coastal zone. In winter when fish stocks are depleted and wormwood freezes it is forced to wander sometimes crossing the high watersheds. At the same time the otter descends from the slopes rolling down on the belly leaving a characteristic trace in the form of a gutter. On ice and snow it passes a day to 15-20 km.Cool 3D Pics HD Wallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures - Otter Wallpaper Backgrounds for Mobile Phones.You can save or share Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Line.
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