Cards against friends is an online game which is based on the popular card game cards against humanity.Cards against friends can be played as:- An alternative for cards against humanity- As a parlor game- As a drinking gameAnswer on hilarious question cards with the best card that's available and that makes the selector and your friends laugh. You can either submit a prepared card or create a new card with your own answer.How to play:Before each round, you can choose your username, the language you want to play and a time limit. After that you can start a new game.Then, you will be in the lobby, from where you can send an invitation link to your friends.When all of your friends are in the lobby, you can start the round.At the beginning of every round, there will be a new Selector (marked with a star).The other players need to try to make the selector laugh with their answer on a given question or a phrase before the time runs out. Dark humour and satire is not only permitted, but a must.When all players have answered, the selector needs to look at all answers and decide which one was the funniest. After that the round restarts and the selector changes.Optionally this game can also be played as a drinking game to improve the chances to get even better answers.An iOS Version is currently in development, so that everyone can play with each other. Currently there is a browser version available for iOS users.If you have any feedback or ideas for improvement, I would really like to read them.
License Free
Version 2.1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up