Top Model Be a Fashion Star - Next Super Model

Reality Show is around the corner, Top Model be a Fashion Star is a free game that will help you to get selected as a top model in this adventure. You need to pose with confidence and compete against other star models to win the contest. Get the best makeup and makeover with stylish, star outfits to make yourself look beautiful. Learn how to dress and pose like a Super Model to win.Maintain a healthy body weight so you can look pretty. Drink plenty of water for glowing skin. Let the app train you on how to be confident.POSITIONING YOUR HEAD !!!-> Look away from the camera-> Keep your chin forward and down-> Try an open mouthed look-> Elongate your neckPOSING WITH YOUR LOWER BODY !!!-> Separate your limbs from your body-> A false waist can be a great trick for modeling-> Keep your hands loose-> Move your feet, Lean forward and hunch your back-> Do something to emphasize the appearance of your shoulders-> Turn your knees inward, Cross your arms and legsDEVELOPING YOUR FASHION SENSE AND MODEL PRESENCE !!!-> Subscribe to fashion magazines and read them front to back-> Learn about other fashion and designers-> Develop your personal style with your personality-> Wear shoes that make sense with your clothes and the season accordingly-> Develop a good daily skin routine and follow it-> Keep your fingernails and toenails well groomed-> Moisturize your skin on daily basis-> You have to wear more dramatic makeup to special events and at nightTinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !
License Free
Version 1.0.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up