List of compositions by Richard Wagner(1813-1883)Have a wonderful Wagner music in your hands.I will introduce you various magnificent and beautiful music.This application is a list type browser application that introduces 138 Wagner's works to you.In addition, you can easily select 19 famous and wonderful songs such as "Tannhuiser" and "Valkyrie".It is possible to easily find videos, music notes, explanations, various information from the Internet.Site registration functionLet's register if you like videos and sites you like.In caseStar mark registration functionFor songs you like, you can attach a star mark.By tapping long, it is possible to attach star marks to 19 songs registered in advance.Sort functionIt is possible to sort by composer order, order by category.Search word addition functionIf you want to limit search results, try adding words such as Wikipedia, etc.About search enginesIt is possible to select either google or Bing.About search methodYou can select the title and number mode, title mode, number of works number mode.Works without a work number are automatically changed to title mode.NotesThis application is a browser application. It is not responsible for the contents of the displayed website.Also, please keep in compliance with each country's copyright law when using.Wagner has been over 100 years since his death.apologyIn the period from 10th November to 13th November 2017, the list was not displayed and some problems occurred. Currently, the system is restored. If the list is still not displayed, I am very sorry but I would like to reinstall, thank you.
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