ATTENTION!!! You use Hypnosis app on your own responsibility. Effects of hypnosis are not yet scientifically proven and we are not responsible for the thing that could happen to you.Want to hypnotize your friends and have a funny time with them pretending that you are real hypnotist? Call your friends to come on hypnotherapy and have great time with them with new simulator game. With new Hypnosis app, you can do all this things for free. You will have real hypnotic experience with our hypnosis simulator.Left the stress and all your problems behind you for a moment and take some time just for you with best Hypnosis app. Hypnotic sound that you will find here will relax you like never before. Because of every days problems we can't sleep well and we are nervous all the time. Now, all those things will change because you have sleep hypnosis on your Android phone. Everyone will see the change and you will feel so much better with Hypnosis app. All your stress will go away with hypnosis for stress relief. Hypnotic sessions are really expensive and a lot of people can't afford them. Our hypnosis simulator can not help you that much like real hypnotherapy, but it will relax you for free.You can hypnotize your friends and, in that way, to help them to relax. But you, also, can use hypnosis simulator for self - hypnosis and, in that way you will relax yourself. Big selection of hypnosis videos with excellent hypnosis pictures we have for you. Hypnotic spiral or some other hypnotic video - choose which you like the most and hypnotherapy can begin. Forget about everything and listen relaxing hypnotic music and you will feel better. And after this hypnotherapy all you problems will look smaller and you will realize than you can fix everything, only have to calm and relax your self and everything will be easier. And Hypnosis app will help you in all those things.Stress is bad for your health and for your mood. Nobody like to be in the company of nervous and annoying person. Don't became one of those persons. Fight with stress and with problems with hypnosis simulator. Download Hypnosis app for free and nervous and bad mood will became bad memory.Features of Hypnosis:- great variety of optical illusions- amazing music for sleep and relax- best way to forget on everyday problems- good way to help your friendsCredits:The Guided Meditation Site: Audio: Gamez Team created Hypnosis.If you have comments, suggestions or need some help with Hypnosis, please email
License Free
Version 2.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up